Qeshm SeaDulf Container Terminal


Due to the geographical advantages and potentials of Qeshm Island, Seadulf Qeshm Company has accepted the task of operating Kaveh Qeshm International Port, and as such has taken proper measures to equip and commission the facility in the shortest possible time. Accordingly, by making huge investments in purchasing the necessary port equipment and machinery, the Company is privileged to offer a diverse line of services to the customers. In fact, the entry of tens of thousands of TEU containers into the port over the first three years of operations is testament to their warm response to the services that are being offered. Moreover, with the completion of the Persian Gulf Bridge and the construction of two container docks at Kaveh Qeshm International Port approaching, the facility can undoubtedly turn into a major competitor in the Gulf region.



As the port operator for Kaveh Qeshm International Port, Seadulf Qeshm Container Terminal Company is constantly endeavouring to provide high quality services to the customers that completely conform to the accepted international standards. To aggregate the available services and offer them at the highest level of service provision, the Company is always making full efforts to address and satisfy the entire needs and requirements of the customers by offering diverse and wide ranging services, some which are listed:

  • - Establishment of a special feeder service for container transport from Shahid Rajaee Port to the final destination at Kaveh Port and vice versa
  • - Establishment of a special feeder service for container transport from Jebel Ali Port to the final destination at Kaveh Qeshm International Port and vice versa
  • Making the necessary investment to supply and utilize the equipment required for Kaveh Qeshm International Port
  • Conducting marketing in order to attract shipping lines and goods ownerships to use Kaveh Qeshm International Port for loading, unloading and storing container consignments
  • Loading, unloading and storing container, non-container and bulk consignments at special yards

The geographical benefits of Qeshm Island and Kaveh Pier

  • - Located at the strategic Strait of Hormuz
  • - Accessibility to international waterways
  • - Located at the sea corridor used by energy carriers
  • - A coastline of over 260km
  • - Existence of huge oil, gas and mineral resources in the area
  • - Availability of wharfs with 19-meter deep troughs suitable for docking of 100,000-ton vessels
  • - Potential of exploiting the “Persian Gulf Comprehensive Communication Network Project” and the “Persian Gulf Bridge”