Qeshm Seadulf Oil Terminal


The special geographical location of the Persian Gulf  together with the annual traffic of over 14,000 transcontinental vessels give the countries along this inland waterway a significant economic and strategic position, whereby the construction of an oil terminal almost anywhere along its coast to store and transfer fuel is decidedly a feasible and sound economic and infrastructural investment. Consistently, due to the suitability of Bandar Abbas shores, Qeshm Seadulf Company has prioritized and placed the construction of an oil terminal there at the top of its civil plans’ agenda. Currently, the Company is ready to take a great leap forward through storing, blending and exporting oil products in order to change the country’s share of energy transfer in different domains, particularly with respect to bunkering.


Seadulf Qeshm Company Oil Terminal with the capacity to store 46,000m³ of different light, heavy and semi-heavy oil products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, naphtha, fuel oil and bitumen will have the means to provide wide ranging, international scale services for its customers.


Four dual-purpose 2500m³ will be utilized in this area to store heavy and semi-heavy products like bitumen and fuel oil. Moreover, six dual-purpose 6,000m³ storage tanks have also been considered for the same location to store light and semi-heavy oil products e.g. gasoline, diesel fuel, naphtha and fuel oil.


The hydrocarbon product storage facility has been designed in accordance with the latest domestic and international standards, and it is hoped that it can address and satisfy a great deal of the region’s bunkering needs and requirements in the years ahead. Conducting operations in this domain can cover a great deal of needs and requirements, some of which are as follows:


The company's services include all of the following:

  • - Product transfer to and from ships through transfer lines and use of special pumps each with a capacity of 1,000m³/hr.
  • - Product transfer to and from fuel transport trailer tankers
  • - Reception of product from the existing refinery pipelines
  • - Product transfer to and from the existing rail cars
  • - Storage of a diverse line of products
  • - Blending and homogenizing of storage tank products as required
  • - Long-term or short-term storage tank rental
  • - Customized blending to produce new materials for special customers


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